I Woke Up This Morning

Got a blue moon in my eyes
Woke up this morning
I got a blue moon in my eyes

I have honey bees in my right ear. They began nesting on the walk back from the run-on sentence of the two hour, forty five minute non-stop, Bruce concert last night. When the band finished one song, stage hands swapped out guitars for those who needed them, and the next song began. Or was it one very long continuous song? Poignant songs, rockin’ songs, storytellin’ songs.

The Moda Center in Portland, Oregon, home of the Trailblazers and a short walk from our hotel, is a great concert venue. We had front upper level seats behind the stage. We were mildly envious of those in the non-mosh pit, but like ski racing, know the time of standing on concrete for 4 hours is long past.

I posted Facebook live videos during the concert and a couple more from iPhone recordings, however, the final, solo song is here. As QC said in her post, this is our favorite 21st century Bruce song. We are at the point of our lives where friends are falling. We don’t like the heartbreak, but know it is but one part of life, and accept it.

Under light rain we leave for Seattle this morning to spend some time with our son, and catch our last Bruce concert until December in San Francisco.

Bye for now! (Shoulda brought a hive for the bees.)

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