Memory, All Alone In The Pre-Dawn

My apologies to any friends and followers expecting a travel post, but today’s is a result of our trip, (especially the week in Paris and Versailles,) not a description of the trip. Traveling posts will continue in two weeks.

If it wasn’t obvious, I loved the choux baking class and it was no surprise the first pastries I made (once at least partially recovered from our journey) were eclairs for QC’s Wednesday Mah Jongg group. Knowing all these people I made mini-eclairs (about 4” long) but used the recipe from Patisserie a la Carte.

The best tip from the class what how to completely fill the choux pastry. This was always a problem for me. (A full description of the class is found on my food blog.) Another tip was to be sure the choux is fully baked before opening the oven door. This eliminates cracks, holes and collapsed choux pastries. In truth I prefer my creme patisserie recipe, but used the class recipe for this bake.

I did not take a class in baking baguettes, but did eat my share in Paris and Versailles. I never had a baguette with such crust crunch and soft interior. I won’t bore you here, but will post the recipe and method on the food blog.

I am still not re-acclimated to Pacific Time, but my self imposed early reveille provides the required time to make full bakes before 8AM. Hopefully, my poor old body will come around soon.

I am considering making the pastries we had at high tea at the Waldorf Trianon Palace and Mini-Charlottes with red berries. Both have many challenges.