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Dave Oney was born mid last century in Middlebury, Vermont. He received his BS in Chemistry and worked as a polymer chemist in Massachusetts and New Jersey. He became a microscopist (someone who studies little bitty things using a microscope) and photomicrographer (someone who photographs little bitty things) before settling into a 35-year career in technical sales of scientific imaging equipment (the science of digitally recording itty bitty things, sending the image to a computer for analysis.) He designed and created a number of products contributing to this field. He is (was) proficient in several computer languages and is currently working on mastering English. After making a few more paradigm shift career changes Dave and his wife, Fran, retired and moved closer to their children and granddaughters and now live in the foothills of the Sierra Nevadas.

Fern Grotto and Poipu

We spent Tuesday morning on an excursion to Fern Grotto on the Wailua River. We then drove down to Poipu for lunch at a beach restaurant called Brennecke’s. It wasn’t bad and was reasonably priced.

The river is fed by runoff from Mt Wai’ale’ale, one of the wettest spots on earth. (Last week we were at Waimea Canyon on the other side of the mountain and saw the sign noting that the place that receives the most rain in the world. If fact, each year it receives 10 years worth of the rain that falls in Seattle.

During the tour up the river in flat bottom barges, powered by dual Cummings engines mounted off the aft of the barge, we were entertained by some very talented musicians and dancers. More on that later.

There was an option to kayak up the river. It would take something like four hours to go up and back. No thanks.

Once at the boat landing near the grotto there was a short walk of a couple hundred yards inland. It is a beautiful walk, as one would expect, with tall bamboo trees, waterfalls and flowers.

This picture is a vertical panorama of bamboo.

The grotto itself is impressive, however, due to large boulders falling down into the cave itself is closed to visitors.

Weddings are often held on the observation platform just outside the grotto itself. The musicians like to perform the Hawaiian Wedding Song by Elvis Presley.


We then drove south to Poipu and had lunch at the aforementioned beach restaurant. After lunch we walked over the beach to check out the surf. Some of the breakers were over 6′ high. Impressive but nothing compared to the north shore during the winter. Too bad I wont be back to try them on my big board. (If I had a big board or had ever surfed.)