The Sun DID Come Up This Morning

Actually, while technically morning, it was nearly noon when the sun broke through the gray/white clouds and the spitting snow and windshield-smearing-rain stopped.

Unlike the magnificent ride through the Oregon mountains, I-5 in Washington was nothing to write home (or blog) about. I know I used the same construction previously, but if the shoe fits… I know the lack of beauty and magnification (purposely used malapropism) was due to our route and am aware that Washington is spectacular from the beautiful San Juan islands to the fabulous Cascade mountains.

We met our son Neil at his Seattle apartment before going to check-in at our hotel. Neil and I then went for a (?) beer at Tapster, located in one of the Google buildings (but what isn’t in Seattle?)

When we first arrived, a “painting and brews party” was concluding. These mostly young men and women were really, really good painters.

More than 30 taps line one wall, grouped in 3’s by style of beer. You pour your own beer and are charged by the ounce. I found my stouts, porters, ambers and reds right away. I was happy.

We adjourned to pick up QC at the hotel and head to dinner. Cornelly Pizza is one of Neil’s favorites and happens to be a couple of blocks from his apartment.

There are many reasons Cornelly is one of Neils favorites. The pizza was wonderful. It’s not a NY or Chicago pizza but a thin delicious crust with a slightly sweet sauce, fresh cheese and basil. The rigatoni was slightly spicy (maybe the pork spices?) and paired well with the pizza. My bad for missing a picture of the excellent focaccia bread. Our bread looked as if it were folded near the end of baking, then stuffed in a pan to form a bowl and finished in the pizza oven resulting in a light char on the thin edges. Defiantly trying to duplicate this bread on ABatteredOldSuitCase when we return home.

If in Seattle make a stop at Cornelly Pizza on Summit Ave, East Seattle.

Tomorrow (actually later today, Monday) we will dine on Jamaican Jerk and then Bruce again tonight.

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