Insisting That The World Keep Turning Our Way

Today started where yesterday left off, cold and dark. The bright spot of the morning was delicious donuts. I mean really Delicious Donuts, located about 0.7 miles down MLK Blvd from our hotel. Originally I planned to walk, but our short excursion to dinner last evening changed my mind. The sidewalks remain dangerous.

The outside of the bakery didn’t look like much, but as always, it’s what’s inside that counts. The donuts have that small bakery touch that is missing in large, high volume bakery products. Their donuts confirm the propriety of their name.

Back in the hotel lobby I settled in to watch my regular Saturday morning shows. I easily chose a seat near the window and away from the cold wind of the incessantly opening front door.

We looked forward to our trip to Portland not only for our concert tonight, but also to visit Powell’s Books, an amazing three story bookstore,

They have a Rare Book room, to which you need a pass and they only give out 14 concurrently. The books are organized by subject and many of the very rare (meaning expensive) have copies on display for visitors perusal.

And if that wasn’t enough there is an excellent cafe on the first floor. As it happens, Neil, our son who lives in Seattle, is friends with the owners of the cafe and coffee roasters. Unfortunately, they weren’t at this location today.

We sat next to two ladies of indeterminate age who are also attending the concert tonight. They were the second or third couple that I spoke with today who will be joining us and about 25,000 other fans. They too are traveling to Seattle to catch Monday’s concert.

Our drive to Powell’s was the same route to the concert so we check out the sidewalks were dry and safe for tonight. I wouldn’t want to walk on that ice at midnight when it will likely be either raining or snowing. We are stopping for burgers and fries on our way to the Moda Center (a 10 minutes walk) for the concert tonight, I will probably post an update on the concert tomorrow.

See ya!

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