One, Two… a One, Two, Three Four.

On the road again, I can wait to get on the road again.

Occasionally there are issues traveling north in the winter. For instance, our trip to Portland Oregon included a planned stop, about half way, in Medford. Our plan did not include Portland being all but closed during rush hour yesterday. (Thursday, February 23, 2023.) Reports indicate the city is opening up today and should be accessible by this afternoon when the temperatures (and the sun) warm the roads and melt some of the ice.

We did consider long and hard about where to have breakfast this morning. “Crackin Stackin” won our business, but in truth, we were the real winners. This is a fantastic little cafe in Medford. It doesn’t look like much from the outside (there is a sign by the front door that says “Pull hard, the door is tricky.” I did pull hard, it was tricky, but it opened. The staff was friendly and prompt, the food was exceptional, plentiful and priced reasonable.

The ride from Medford to Portland was beautiful and while I have stated this many times over our numerous trips, the USA is magnificent and so damned big! We passed the 45th latitude which means had we started our trip in Ecuador, we would be half way to the North Pole. (I am guessing all roads 2000 miles north of us would be challenging.)

Our drive consisted of mountains with snow, clear, sunny valleys but once we were ten miles from Portland we saw sand in the road, slush and snow on the shoulders, but mainly clear, safe roads.

Our parking valet recommended a restaurant a short walk from our hotel, The Metropolitan Tavern on the top floor of the Hotel Eastlund. Note to self: listen to valets. It’s worth your time.

After a treacherous walk down ice covered sidewalks we arrived at the hotel and took the express elevator to the top floor where we were asked if we want to sit on the patio. We declined. (Just kidding. The patio was closed.)

The restaurant (inside) exuded a lovely ambiance, with a large bar filling the center and surrounded by various sized tables. We ate early, arriving in time for Happy Hour. (Plus our walk back to our hotel would be safer in daylight.)

My carnitas tacos were excellent and QC’s salad with chicken was… salad with chicken. Ok, but not memorable. We made it back to our hotel without mishap, except I doubt I will take my planned walk for donuts in the morning. 20 deg temps overnight will not melt much of the ice. Portland is renowned for beer and donuts (not necessarily together,) the weather may prevent us from partaking. Stay tuned for updates tomorrow.

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