On The Road Again…

We started our short 2023 Concert Tour this morning after dropping Rosie at A Lucky Dog where she will spend a few days playing with her buddy, Mookie.

Fran (a.k.a. QC) needed to stop while we still had reliable cell reception to log in to Ticketmaster and obtain concert tickets for a December show in San Francisco. Surprisingly, everything with Ticketmaster worked properly and we headed north a little after 10am.

We stopped for lunch at a Yelp rated restaurant in Chico named Logan’s Roadhouse. It was adequate food, nothing to write home or blog about, except the traditional Roadhouse rolls. Check out abatteredoldsuitcase when I return home. Not now, but in a week or so. During our lunch, I was very pleased with myself. Our waitress told us her name was Abby, and I kept my adult filter on for the entire meal. While I seriously considered it, I never called her Ms. Normal!

You probably know that California is an incredible agricultural machine. We saw mile after mile of orchards and groves, many of which are in full bloom. (Achoo!) I love the regimentation of trees unnaturally aligned, created for efficient harvesting.

Eventually we started climbing the mountains. To be more accurate, the car did the climbing, but I kept my foot on that accelerator! It snowed, hailed and graupeled on us for an hour or so.

We stopped for a break before entering Oregon. Perhaps by coincidence, or perhaps not, we stopped at the Weed rest stop. I would have thought Weed would have been in Oregon.

The snow stopped as we entered the valley containing weed, I mean Weed. The mountains were a bit far away for an iPhone, but we think the one shrouded in clouds may be Mt. Shasta.

Tomorrow off to Portland, site of a major winter storm. I hope Bruce arrives safely and on time!

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