Dust In The Wind

Day 25

“Rise and shine, Rosie, rise and shine. It’s time to start another chapter of the Journey,” I chirped cheerily.

”It’s too early, Dad. Let me sleep longer,” Rosie pleaded with sleepy mumble. “Mom isn’t up yet.”

She opened one eye, looking at me, trying to determine how much she could push this. 7CAD8F89-806C-4042-9591-0A3FD15D1609She knew she shouldn’t have answered when I first spoke, now it was too late.

I picked up her pink leash, clicked it a few times, saying, “Today, we are starting in Columbus OH, capital and home of THE Ohio State University.”

“Great! A geography lesson before breakfast. Let’s go pee.”

Rosie stood and stretched, making a production of it, as usual . Stretching her front half, legs out in front and butt in the air, then reversing and stretching her back legs out long with her head up so I could attach the  leash.

88FAFE3E-8CEC-4973-9FCA-8508335BD6F3Quietly opening the hotel room door, to not wake Fran, I tell her, “We then drive through Indiana and its capital, Indianapolis, before entering Illinois.”

Rosie brightened, “Can we see the speedway? I love fast cars.”

”No, Rose. No sightseeing. We are driving straight back home this week. Now, the capital of Illinois is Springfield but is 100 miles north of St. Louis and off our path so we won’t see it.

“Aw, Dad. We have to go to Springfield! I want to meet Bart and Lisa!” Then under her breath she grumbles, “I bet they would let their dog sleep as late as she wants.”

”I am sure the Simpsons live in a different Springfield, Rosie.”

“Anyway, we will then drive through Missouri, but won’t see its capital, Jefferson City. It is about 100 miles south of our route.”

”Oh, darn. It’s a shame to miss it. Since there won’t be anything to see, maybe you will let me sleep through it.”

“We will pass through Topeka, KS, Kansas’s capital. You may want to be up to see that.”

”Are we stopping and touring the capital, Dad?”

”No, Rose. Remember, no sightseeing on our return trip home.”

If you have followed our Journey you may remember the memorable sights we saw during the drive from Chicago to Cleveland. We saw basically the same thing today.


The only interesting view along our drive today

We drove 727 miles in 10 hours. Once we found our hotel we really didn’t want to drive far for dinner. We ended up at a Texas Roadhouse, in Kansas, where we had the same steaks we would have had in Florida. Oh well.2F2DB46D-F412-4097-8336-EB36A4424F75

I once drove from Kansas City to Breckinridge CO and I remember hundreds of miles of corn and wheat. I am SO looking forward to that tomorrow. That was 50 years ago, it may have changed. Here’s hoping.

We are shooting for Loveland CO tomorrow, only 575 miles, “the bitch” says it should take 8 hrs, 7 min. We shall see.

Rosie is eager with anticipation of being able to sleep 8 hrs, 7 minutes straight.