No Trouble in The Heartland

Day 24

After a nice catch up (not catsup or ketchup) breakfast with Ilayne and Amy we took a


Under a Table

cab to Penn Station to catch (not ketch) the train to Newark Airport. We walked inside and asked customer service where to find the train and she said “track 4 leaving in 4 min.” We bought tickets and boarded the train with 2 minutes to spare. I really wanted it to either be a “two two twain” or leaving on “track 29, and it’s leaving on time.” Oh well. 

Just under an hour after leaving the restaurant at Central Park South we were heading west on I78. Google Maps says 7 hrs 41 min. I wonder if “the bitch” knows about shore traffic?

The Pennsylvania Turnpike winds though rolling hills, (or small mountains) and sometimes bores deep through them in long, dark tunnels. It is 211 miles from Harrisburg to Washington PA. It seemed like most of it was under repair and the speed limits were restricted to 45 or 55 MPH. Luckily it was Sunday afternoon and no workers were present. Pennsylvania must have installed either a worm-hole or time warp as we drove the 200+ restricted speed limit miles in just under 3 hours.

We passed through West Virginia with no more than a blink at some beautiful mountains and better roads, before we entered Ohio. Let’s just say we are looking forward to mountains again, when we pass Denver and turn north towards Salt Lake City.

67DB780D-9696-4348-A33A-DCE6F8F58CE2Entering the heartland of America, where else to eat but Cracker Barrel. Hopefully, this will not become a regular habit as we cross the prairie, but it was late and we wanted to eat dinner before we stopped for the night.

Hoping to have an early-ish start and make Kansas City tonight. It’s a bit of a stretch (668 miles) but we are anxious to be home.