Chicago to Cleveland

Day 8

My apologies to anyone living in Gary, Michigan City or South Bend. There are probably very interesting things to see and do in those places, just not on I-90. (Someday, ask me about my trip to Michigan City in the late 1970’s.)


The only interesting view along our drive today

As dull as today‘s post title, the drive from Chicago to Cleveland was just as exciting.

We left almost on schedule, (10 minutes early) and managed to not lose our way leaving Chicago.

Once on I-90 and away from Chicago,  Rosie complained, “Dad, this is boring. Aren’t there any animals to look at? Even big ones? I am not afraid of big animals if I am in the car with you and Mom.”

“Sorry Rosalita. This is the country’s rust belt. Not much to see here, just lots of old, abandoned industry and infrastructure.”

“Any mountains Dad? I would like to see more snow in July. That was fun. This is boring.”

“Go back to sleep, Rose. It’s a short drive today, only 6 hours.”

Fran bought Stubhub tickets for the Indians vs Yankees game for that night and wanted to arrive at the Progressive Field in time for batting practice. Also, the stadium has over 40 draft beers on tap so I would have something to do while Fran and Rosie watched BP.

Rosie continued to sleep, this time in Fran’s large pocketbook. Luckily there was only a cursory bag inspection at the stadium gate.

I discovered two amazing things when we arrived at the stadium. One is they have $2 beers from 5:30 to 7:30, the second is they have $1 hot dogs (limit 6.) No problem for me, my img_5362limit is much lower than 6.img_5359

As it turned out, according to a stadium staff member, the $2 beer was ‘almost’ stale Bud and Coors Lite that the companies don’t want to stock on retail shelves. For me, that is 3 strikes (Bud, Coors and Stale) and instantly I am over at Great Lakes Brewing, directly across the stadium from the Block Party cheap beer. Great Lakes’ actual brewery is located just across the Cuyahoga River, about 2 miles away. Their beer is NOT stale.


Great Lakes has a huge variety of beers. Among those on tap were Elliot Ness Amber and Edmund Fitzgerald Porter. The names are nearly as good as the beer. I always start tasting with the “lighter” beer so had the amber first. It was a smooth well balanced ale with a very nice, nutty flavor. One amber and 2 hot dogs made an excellent traditional baseball game dinner. The porter was outstanding, with smokey overtones of chocolate and coffee. Perfect for dessert, plus I made it back to my seat in time for “first pitch.” Interestingly, two beers at $12 each plus 2 hot dogs at $1 each was less expensive than one beer and a sandwich at ATT Park where we watch the SF Giants play.0ECCCBB2-60C3-4AE9-A219-4595DAD7841A

We stayed through Giancarlo’s homer in the top of the 9th and heard the cheers of the winners as the Indians turned a double play on the next batter. That’s why they are #1 right now. The stadium provided a fireworks show right after the game. We heard it on our walk back to our hotel. I was asleep before it was over.


Tomorrow is the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. Can’t wait!