Cleveland Rocks!

Day 9

It’s true. A day at the Rock &Roll Hall of Fame will convince you it’s true. Walk around downtown and see all the clubs, pubs and restaurants and you will believe it too. Cleveland rocks!

“Dad, why do you go out walking so early in the morning?” asked Rosie. “We could be sleeping. ”

“You have plenty of time to sleep, Rose. Early morning is the perfect time to explore a new place. There aren’t many people around to bother you and Mom can sleep later.”

“Mom likes me to sleep with her,” Rosie objected.

“Yeah. Until you stick your nose in her ear.”

“Once I did that, once! Maybe twice, three times max, and it was a pee emergency. You were off walking or more probably golfing.”

“Don’t you blame me. I walk you before I leave. Now be quiet and let’s explore downtown Cleveland.”

We stayed at the Residence Inn on Prospect, right in the middle of the gentrified img_0259 section. The adjacent Euclid and Colonial Arcades were developed in the 1890’s to house shops and boutiques with tables and trees lining each side to protect patrons from the sweltering summers or frigid winters. They were updated and modernized, while maintaining the original intent of use, but weren’t open this early.  The historical pictures are probably better anyway.

Our breakfast room was lined with small stained glass windows. The center one says Colonial Hotel displaying what is presumably their coat of arms (before logo days.) Beautiful.

Several street were blocked forming mini pedestrian malls. The main streets were lined with steak houses, sushi bars and bar bars. It is a very nice renovated mixed use neighborhood.

Cleveland is a thriving convention location and tourist destination. Go figure!img_5378

Now, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is a don’t miss opportunity. Six floors of displays, videos, movies and exhibits. Take your time and do them all. The theaters are great, well produced and display varied talents and history of Rock & Roll. Ice Cube said it best in his induction speech: “Rock & roll is not an instrument, rock & roll is not even a style of music. Rock & roll is a spirit. It’s a spirit.”

Induction Plaques of various favorite artists.

Interior shots of the R&R HoF and the only picture of hand written lyrics that were worth posting. “The Waiting is the Hardest Part” – Tom Petty. There were many more but cleverly encased in glass that reflected the spot lights illuminating them,

Oh! And watch Prince do the lead and solo to George Harrison’s “While My Guitar Gently Weeps.” Awesome talent (both.) Prince enters at the 3:30 mark: