The Celebration Continues – Day 1

In our family the celebration of a birthday requires far more than a single day. If you remember, we celebrated the one year anniversary of Vivian’s birth exactly 365 days after she was born. We then attempted another celebration with more family and friends a few days later, but that was delayed due to the typical baby maladies that occur from time to time.

Meanwhile we celebrated with the traditional Hawaiian custom of a Luau, in our case at Papa Mike’s in Maui. A few days after returning to the mainland we held the family and friend’s celebration at her house. I am so thankful I was able to make the cake. I really do enjoy baking, especially for the kids and grandkids.

Now, we are in the happiest place on earth, also one of the most tiring, to perhaps close this chapter on Vivian’s first year.

We dropped Rosie off at Lucky Dog sleep away camp. (That’s what we call it so she doesn’t get upset with us.) It used to be she would cry and try to jump back in the car, now she doesn’t even look at us, but runs over to her friends. No goodbye, not even a look over her shoulder. Aw well, they do grow up, don’t they?

Her favorite pals, Mookie and Tucker were overjoyed to see her. Everyone crowded around Rosie to say hello and welcome back. (For anyone who doesn’t know, Rosie is the white one.) Even the Lucky Dog’s cat had to come over to welcome Rosie back

We had an uneventful flight to Long Beach CA and a quick Uber ride to our hotel. Once we dropped off our luggage, no rest for the wicked weary grandparents, Mike, Kathy, Fran and I met our grandchildren, and their parents of course, at their hotel and entered the happiest place on earth.

Here is the obligatory Sleeping Beauty Castle Photo. Don’t worry, there will be more to come.

When you think of children and Disney what two rides come to mind first? Well, in our case its “A Small World” and the “Tiki Room.” Both are beautifully designed for little children, namely those who do not meet the height restrictions of some of the more daring rides. Also, they have music, lights and characters the girls love.

Being kind, (this is Day 1 after all) this is an exterior photo of It’s a Small World. No doubt interior video will follow over the next few days.

Just like her sister Grace, Vivian’s loves the Tiki Birds. I could probably post a very similar video from two years ago.

So the first Disney day ends, I cannot wait for the second to begin!!