The Last Afternoon

Upon returning to Mike’s house after our final trip up the mountain we crossed the street to look at the ocean.

The waves looked larger up the coast, but it was still a pretty view. Sea turtles climb through the surf to lay eggs along this stretch of beach. You can watch them, from a distance, when it’s low tide, and dawn or dusk, none of which was occurring when we were there.

Then we retired back to Mike’s “crows nest” or upper deck to sit, relax and enjoy the view. Maui has been hot all summer, including during our stay, but we thought the breeze might mitigate the heat. Oh well, can’t win them all.

I was able to write most of the Lavender Farm post before the wind drove us back to Mike’s guest house next to the pool. Oh, the sacrifices we make!

Of course, “Last Afternoon’s” aren’t complete without a final Shave Ice. The line was typically long (about 30 minutes) but well worth the wait.

My flavors of choice today were vanilla, blueberry and red raspberry, rather than my favorite blue raspberry. If nothing else, I am a devotee of variety.

While I am not happy about having to leave Maui, I am excited to pick Rosie up at The Lucky Dog, her sleep away camp while I am gone. Hopefully, although sad to leave all her friends, she will be excited when she sees me!