The name “Hawai’i” is possibly based on the native Hawaiian word for homeland (Owhyhee). I don’t know that to be true, it’s just what Wikipedia told me.

We are in Hawai’i for granddaughter Vivian’s first birthday celebration. In several Polynesian cultures the first birthday is considered a major milestone and is celebrated by a lū’au. At this time the family also recognizes the Grandparents, family, and friends from other islands, states, or countries, and God-parents.

Fran and I arrived in Maui just after noon on Wednesday, spent Thursday acclimating with some assistance from Ululani’s Shave Ice.

Note this is “Shave Ice” not shave-D ice. The ice is not crushed as with a snow cone, but rather shaved into fine crystals giving a much smoother texture. (Full disclosure: daily visits to Ulalani’s are mandatory in our family.)

Three Flavor Shave Ice (moments after sitting down)

Ululani’s is the premier Hawai’ian shave ice and deservingly so. The flavors are spot on. Yesterday I had a root beer float shave ice. I would almost swear it was from A&W.

Of course no day in Maui is really complete without a nice visit to the beach.

We always go to the same beach which, for emotional, nostalgic and loving reasons, is known to us only as “Grandma’s Beach.” And what visit to the beach would be complete without a quick relaxing nap? I just wish something could have been done to dim the overhead light a little. Oh well, necessity…


It’s good I had the couple of days of rest. The lū’au is today. Can’t wait!