Quiet Time

Air travel is a wonderful thing. First of all, it shrinks the world. We can fly from our home of 3 years, north of Sacramento, to Maui, HI quicker than we can fly back to our home of nearly 30 years north of Ft. Lauderdale, FL.

Secondly, aside from the occasional interruptions of meal and drink and drink and drink service, this 5 hour, 4 minute flight is the perfect “Me Time” to write, or in this case edit what I have written. We dropped Rosie off at her sleep away camp to play with her friends “Tiny Bones” and “Mookie” at A Lucky Dog, which is the perfect place for one of the worlds luckiest dogs. She used to complain and whine when we dropped her off, now she tail-wag prances away without a second look back at us.

It’s interesting, during a discussion with Daniel, I commented these days I prefer writing stories to reading those written by others. There are some exceptions for a few fantasy/science fiction anthologies I still hold dear and re-read every couple of years. When either reading or writing I like to lose myself in another time or place, not that there is anything wrong with when and where I currently am.

This “Me Time” is devoted to editing “Backstreets,” a collection of short stories, back stories really, of a number of my favorite songs by a number of my favorite composers and artists. The intent of these stories is to create the backstory that “might” have resulted in the song. One of the challenges is to do so without infringing on the copy-writes of the artists. Apparently, song titles are not subject to copy-write but lyrics are. Part of today’s flight is to find and replace lyrics with other text that is of my own creation.

There was a short editing break an hour into the flight. My traveling music is often The Doors. Currently listening to Legacy 2003. The stereo separation is amazing. The volume is loud.

Soup and salad before entree

After lunch and just over 2 hours into the flight the Doors ended. I started David Bowie’s Space Oddity (2x) which carried me most of the rest of the way.

Easy time at baggage claim and car rental we were on our way to Mike’s when we received a call to divert to Ululani’s Hawaiian Shave Ice, which we did. Delicious. Then on the Mike’s to rest for a bit before dinner. Maybe a quick dip in the pool, if the granddaughters take their naps.

I made it more than half way through the current edit and am very pleased with how much I accomplished on our flight. Maybe there will be more “Me Time” early mornings this week, if no, there is always the return flight.