Reunion – Day 2

This year is my 50th high school reunion. For all the number geeks out there you may like that, for the most part, my classmates were born in ‘50 and graduated in ‘68. We are now having our 50th class reunion and we are 68 years old.

Day 2
Meet and Greet

The committee who prepared for our Reunion did a great job.  We had about 30 people, including classmates, spouses and friends attend, most of whom I had not seen since graduation, 50 years ago. A number of them are Facebook friends which, while a great way to stay in touch, face to face is so much better. Luckily, the organizers provided name tags. While many of us are still recognizable, there were a few…

I was too excited and talked too much to take any pictures to share today. Hopefully, I will be in a more relaxed state of mind tomorrow (probably not) and will do a better job documenting this once in anyone’s lifetime event (maybe.)

What I enjoyed mostly is all the old clique and class barriers were broken last night. Everyone seemed genuinely happy to see everyone else. We may not have been friends a half century ago, but you couldn’t tell that by last night.

Did I mention golf? David and I played this morning. There is a reason why I didn’t 18A72EB2-0FBB-4AAA-980B-167A7E82EA72mention golf. Let’s just say the scorecard stayed on the golf cart, ok? The course was beautiful and some of the trees were just starting to change into fall foliage splendor. Another few weeks and it will be spectacular.

We did manage lunch at Rosie’s just sound of Middlebury on Rt 7. (Speaking of Rosie, Fran says she was staring at the front door, waiting for me to come home.) Did you know I worked there as a bus boy one summer when it was still Palmer’s Dairy Bar? I can only guess when, but it was probably over 50 years ago. I think Floyd was cooking there, way back then. I am not sure, but may see him today and ask him.