Reunion – Day 1

This year is my 50th high school reunion. For all the number geeks out there you may like that, for the most part, my classmates were born in ‘50 and graduated in ‘68. We are now having our 50th class reunion and we are 68 years old.

I set the alarm for 4:30. Although I am always awake by then, I try (usually unsuccessfully) to stay in bed until 5:00. Knowing the alarm would assure I am awake on time, I untrustingly started waking around 1:30 and then every hour or so until I gave up at 4:00. I was supposed to shave and shower last night, but forgot (I am very good at forgetting things like that) so decided to just get up and start my weekend trip. After my usual morning routine I woke Rosie and took her for her usual 5:00 morning walk. I found the information Elaine sent during the summer describing the reunion and remembered I hadn’t sent her, or even found any sort of remembrance to share on the memory board she was creating. I thought it rather I ironic that I forgot a remembrance for a memory board, but Rosie didn’t see the humor. She and I had breakfast together, then she headed back to bed and I left for the airport.


Dawn at the gate

My 7:05 flight started boarding at 6:25 (thus far, all times are AM, mind you,) I was at the front of Group 4, of 4. The gate attendant said the flight was completely full and anyone in Group 5 with carryon bags of ANY size would have to check them. Group 5 was ONLY allowed one personal item. She must have been disappointed. Several Group 3 and 4 passengers volunteered to check their bags (for no additional charge as long as they were carryon size) thereby freeing up overhead space for those of us who distrust baggage check. (Remind me to tell you about a weekend trip to Vermont I took sans mes bagages. A wonderful experience.) I was surprised how efficient the boarding process was. There was no backup line winding down the jetway and best of all there was ample overhead space. (It turns out we Economy Plus passengers have reserved luggage space above our seats!)


Economy Plus Reserved Luggage Sign

TV’s in the backs of the seats! Charge card required to watch!! (anything beyond their pre-packaged info loop, which in all honesty, wasn’t bad.) They had stories on fishing in extremely remote areas of Texas, Good Samaritans rescuing people during Hurricane Harvey and Hemisphere Travel visits Edinburgh. What was annoying was the location of the TV controls in the armrest, just where my bony elbow rests. My elbow constantly changed channels, volume and turned the damned TV on and off during the entire flight. Also annoying was our unattendent flight attendant. (I didn’t have any morning coffee until my second flight, which technically was in the afternoon, hence I had no morning coffee at all.


Don’t read the text. The story isn’t finished.

I ate one of the left over apple hand pies I made for Fran’s Mah Jongg group yesterday. They were not yet stale and a pretty darn good breakfast… or lunch… or snack. I also have some figs from our tree that I dried last week, but its so hard to get things our of my one personal item stored under the seat in front of me, so I will wait for my O’Hare layover.

The layover was short and uneventful (other than a gate change that moved the departure gate from right next to our arrival gate to one at the extreme end of Concourse B. I needed to stretch a little anyway.) The second leg of my trip today left on time, served me coffee, and arrived early. Basically, a near perfect travel day, (minus the unattendant.)


O’Hare Concourse B

David was waiting, found his car, and started driving south-ish. He pulled into the Windjammer Restaurant and I gave him a puzzled look.

He said, “We are meeting Ginny for dinner.”

I didn’t know! I had suggested this but never heard if he was able to coordinate everything, and obviously he was. Anyway, Ginny arrived a few minutes after us and led us upstairs to the Upper Deck Pub. I asked Ginny if this restaurant had been here long, (like 20+ years,) and she replied, “Yes 30 or more.) Having no recollection of this place I guess my concept of “been here long” has now extended to 40+ years.


Me, Ginny and Lianne

During dinner Ginny pulled out an old photo of me, her and our friend and neighbor Lianne. Sadly, Lianne passed some years ago. You know it was an old photo as it was slightly brown (heh, heh, Inside joke,) and one of those faded 3”x3” photos. Of course, we now look exactly as we did then. (I had to be convinced that scrawny kid on the left was indeed me.)

After a good pub meal, a couple of adult beverages and an hour of laughter and fun we said our goodnights and Ginny headed north and David and I, south.

We arrived at his home, walked past numerous kayaks


Miscreantes re-visiting

resting on the front walkway alongside the house and entered. After the customary tour of the house, (I think made so you don’t


Morning, Day 2

trip on anything if you need to dash to the bathroom during the night due to rented adult beverages,) more reminiscing, laughter and periods of comfortable silence you realize you are in the company of a true friend.

Golf tomorrow. Can’t wait.