“There’s a place out on the edge of town, sir…”

It may not look like a mansion to anyone but us, but it’s on a hill, and it’s home.

The drive from home in Rocklin CA, to Seattle with overnight stops in Medford OR and Portland was about 745 miles and 12 1/2 hours each way. (My recollection is with clear the road conditions the drive time north was just over 11 hours.) Due to the recent snow and rain the drive back was longer.

To many reading these posts it may appear we took a road trip to drink beer and eat at as many pub/breweries as we could in a week. Let me assure you the purpose of this trip was to attend a Springsteen concert in Portland, and spend time with our son Neil and take him to the Seattle Springsteen concert.

Being an expat Vermonter, on one hand, I missed seeing and even driving in snow. Of course, there is another hand on which, due to lack of practice, I dreaded driving in said snow.

Cut to the chase (perhaps the wrong word and I assure you there was no chasing involved during yesterdays drive,) the snow was beautiful, mostly didn’t accumulate, except in the spaces between the heavily traveled tire lanes and was reminiscent of my birth home.

I asked QC to take some pictures from our speeding (?) car. Below are about 10% of the pictures. She did an amazing job, as usual, but they don’t quite capture the beauty and thrill of the drive through the mountains.

With no problems or delays we arrived in Medford, Oregon to spend the night (and have a beer with dinner.)

There was a nice brewpub next to our hotel. The Point Pub & Grill has an informal neighborhood feel. QC said it was as if some college friends got together and created a place, and still run it.

Although yesterday was “just” a travel day there was a major highlight. My wife, Fran, aka “QC” and aka “ChemLab74” sent a tweet to Little Stevie Van Zandt who quickly replied in a long post. I am impressed with Stevie, but both impressed and proud of Fran. (She is also in frequent Twitter communication with Julie Mason of POTUS renown as well. 🥰)

(Full disclosure: While all of Bruce’s concerts are equally fantastic, my favorite was his solo tour of 2005.) As QC has stated elsewhere, we agree our favorite song of the 20th century is certainly “Thunder Road,” and of the 21st century (so far) is “I’ll See You In My Dreams.”

And while you didn’t ask, no doubt you wonder what my favorite YouTube Bruce video may be: “Drive All Night” in Gothenburg 2012. Bruce and the band nailed it, while Jake showed his passion, talent and mettle on his first E Street Band tour.

Later this morning we head home and pick up our Rosie from the bohemian resort where she spent the week.

Unless something interesting or exciting occurs between here and home, see ya next month!

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  1. Glad you’re home safe and sound and that you had such a great trip!

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