Isola di Capri per la Torte Caprese

More time lapse videos.
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I mentioned previously that our host at the hotel in Sorrento bakes something every morning for guests in each of her three rooms. The first day she made a Torte Caprese Chioccalto (chocolate cake,) and yesterday it was a Torte Caprese Limone (lemon cake.)

Second cloudy morning in Sorrento. One more chance tomorrow!

‘Twas on the Isle of Capri that I found her
Beneath the shade of an old walnut tree

Our hotel was very close to the ticket office for the ferry to Capri. We bought tickets and walked down the Porto Sorrento pier to wait for boarding.

We arrived in Capri after about a 40 minute ride, walked off the ferry and down the pier in Capri. We must have looked like deer in the headlights. This “nice” man, Pepe (short for Joseph) asked if he could help. We told him we wanted the funicular to go up to Capri. He pointed to where it was but then asked do we have plans while on Capri. My initial thought was “No, go away” but before i could formulate the words said he had options. Take the local bus where, he said, the kids will sit and the elders had to stand. (Warning flag started to wave rapidly) OR for only €30 we could use one of the private busses and he would be glad to help us. Multiple warning flags… Danger Will Robinson!!!

We went with him and he was true to his word. He was born in Capri, as were many of his family and ancestors. He knew many interesting details about the buildings, residents and history. We went to Anacapri first. QC wanted to ride the chairlift to the summit, but Pepe wasn’t sure it was running because of the rain. Charlie, his driver, parked the van outside the main village and we walked the 100 or so yards, excuse me, meters, past closed shops (which would have been open in October) while he pointed out many buildings and items of interest, including the dormant chairlift.

When we walked back from the closed shopping and dining district and by all things bright and beautiful, the lift was operating! QC and I bought tickets, (technically I bought the tickets, QC just said, “Pay the man,” something she learned to do with alarming frequency. It was a thrilling ride up, especially when we remembered from pui di the Swiss told us after they are finished with ski lifts they sell them to the Italians. Enjoy the views:

We then returned to Capri and walked through the village to the funicular, a mountainside railway operating by cable to go up and down the steep slope from the ocean to the village of Capri.

The train down to the port was really a FUNicular.

And to give you the sensation of riding down, but to not waste much more of your time we have:

And at the port we bought tickets back to Sorrento, but this time on the hydrofoil which goes much faster than the car ferry.

The seas became choppy during the day. Here is a glimpse:

Before we new it, we were “home.” We grabbed a snack at Ruccio’s Bar next to us, (and another bottle of wine) to tide us over until dinner in town.

Tomorrow we are off to Naples with a stop in Pompeii.

4 thoughts on “Isola di Capri per la Torte Caprese

  1. I would not have liked your “roller coaster” train ride or the ferry . . . but your photos and adventures are amazing!  🥰

    Sent from Yahoo Mail for iPad

  2. Just trying to catch up on your trip. Looks like a blast! I visited islands and areas near Capri in Aug (like Ischia and Positano). Beautiful part of the world indeed!
    Garry P

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