Day 3 and Counting

Under the Sea with Ariel first, then Tiki Room with our dancing granddaughters. Such fun. It’s a Small World next, but with audio and video today. You’re welcome.

Day 3 started pretty much the same as Day 2, except I took a picture of the breakfast.

Daniel, Grace and Kathy braved Splash Mountain and barely got wet. Life isn’t always fair.

The Jungle Cruise was followed by the Story of the Lion King, an excellent live production. We sat outside on the steps at the beginning but had to move as it was too hot and loud for the girls. Highly recommend the show. The singer/dancers were outstanding.

We toured many jungles on both Africa and South America on The Jungle Ride and something really caught Frances and Vivian’s attention. Probably the bad jokes of the tour guide.

Unluckily (?) the girls needed a nap so the grandparents also retired, but to some shaded chaise lounges by the pool where, purely by coincidence, they bring margaritas directly to you chairs.

After a very good dinner at Naples in Downtown Disney we tried Mater’s Junkyard Jamboree, which Grace loves. This was followed by more Tiki Room and It’s a Small World, before the Electric Parade and Fireworks.

Whew!! Another long day. Another wonderful day!!