The Time Temple

We were visiting friends in South Florida for Passover and decided as we lived so close to Douglas High School for so long, and still had an affinity for the area, we would stop by The Time Temple, a place of quiet contemplation, reflection and memory for the 17 plus 2 lives lost in that horrible, senseless act February 14, 2018.

Walking through the temple, in silence, was reminiscent of visiting the Vietnam memorial in Washington, D.C. There is just something about the names, messages and reason for existence of these memorials that evoke such powerful emotions that words just fail.

The artist/creator, David Best, said that what he made is no more than a pretty shape. It’s the individual’s job to come and put in their personal thoughts, their faith, their hopes and their anger. When that burns down, the hope is that some of their grief and anguish go up in smoke too.

I added two phrases, neither my words, to two pillars of the temple:

“I leave the light on,” forever. (I added that word.) Beth Hart

“And love is love is love is love is love is love is love is love
cannot be killed or swept aside.” Lin-Manuel Miranda