Boo at The Zoo

Do you have any idea how long it has been since Fran and I accompanied a child Trick or Treating, at least one old enough to know they are Trick or Treating?  Today was Boo at the Zoo (Sacramento Zoo, that is.) Grace was in her beautiful princess persona while Vivian was in her nap and Daddy-hold-me mode.

The zoo was filled with pirates, princesses, super humans, Star Wars characters, Harry Potters, unicorns, dinosaurs, pixies, ghosts and skeletons. What fun! What a safe family environment. Kudos for the zoo for conducting a wonderful event for children both small and large enough to resemble parents (and grand parents.) A number of sponsors were present to hand out candy to all the little costumed characters.

The lion was pacing in the front of his enclosure while the snow leopard was lounging on his rocks.

Speaking of rocks, Grace was too small to go up the climbing wall, but really wanted Daddy to climb all the way to the top. (Her hero made it in just about a minute.)