Backstreets and Badlands

Day 4

We left Cody, WY this morning (July 9) and took lesser used roads (backstreets) across the Big Horn National Forrest in Wyoming. Rt 14 from Cody to Burlington, WY, then 30 to Worland then 16 though Tensleep to Buffalo. Tensleep is an interesting place named for the time required for Native Americans to travel half way between two destinations. Most of the towns had populations of 50-500 people, a few were as many as 1000. It was a beautiful 6 hour drive.

”Hey, Dad” Rosie said. “Aren’t you hungry yet? It’s been a long time since breakfast, and that wasn’t very good anyway.”

”Fran,” I said, ”check Yelp for a place to eat once we pass Buffalo”

A few moments later Fran said, “There is Jo-Bawbs, in Gillette. It’s a BBQ place with 5 stars.”

”Are you kidding? A BBQ with the name Jo-Barbs? Let’s do it!?

”Sounds good to me too,” said Rosie.EC2DE3AE-027F-492B-80AA-87B2E22DC879

Jo-Bawbs was even better than you could imagine. It may not look like much but maybe the best BBQ we have ever had. Worth the trip to Gillette Wyoming!

Devil’s Tower was a close encounter. Sorry, I couldn’t resist. I even hummed the little 5 note riff all the time we were there. I expected dark billowing clouds to roll in and lightning to fill the sky.

The next stop today was Mt. Rushmore. While there is no entry fee, there is a mandatory parking fee. Be sure to ask for the senior rate (provided you are seniors.) It is 50% off, or $5.00. The sculpture was amazing. It’s hard to believe something like that can be man-made. I was told it is amazing that 4 presidents were born with the exact resemblance to this natural outcropping. Either way, it’s impressive.

Note the plaque I am Vanna Whiting on the right, Vermont, the 14th state 1791, but I knew that already.

Leaving Mt. Rushmore Rosie squealed, “Big goat, Dad!!”

I pulled over and saw a large white goat grazing alongside the road. Grass with exhaust 26AD21E3-FF5F-4C6A-8AEF-1BF97F731A55overtones must be a delicacy for animals in Wyoming. I assumed this was a mountain goat. If anyone knows any different let me know and I will adjust this post. Still very cool.

We headed down 385 towards Custer, SD and past the Crazy Horse statue. This is a work in progress and so early in production Rosie commented, “Oh nice. They are going to make you pay to see a pile of rocks on the mountain.” I told the ticket lady we had changed our mind so she told us where to make a U-turn to leave. On our way out I think I could recognize Crazy Horse’s nose, but I am not sure.

Finally today, on a friends recommendation, we had dinner at the Purple Pie in Custer, SD. While not as good as Jo-Bawbs BBQ it was very good.