Grand Tetons 1

Day 2

The drive from Tooele, UT to Moose, WY is about a 6 hours, including stopping for lunch at the Yankee Doodle Cafe in Alpine WY. The sign greeting you in the cafe says “Keep your weapons holstered unless absolutely necessary. E2F392D3-6707-4CBB-87F7-BD45B10A18AFOtherwise use them judiciously.” This establishment is everything you would expect in a remote mountain village in northwest Wyoming, right next to eastern Idaho. However!!! Lunch was very good and everyone we spoke with was pleasant and polite, including the bikers standing in line waiting for their turn in the men’s room.

Not being very progressive, and not having any outdoor seating, Rosie had to stay outside and eat her own food. It was probably just as well. The altitude didn’t seem to agree with her. As we were driving along the old Oregon Trail we marveled at the perseverance and determination of pioneers who came this way in the late 1800’s. Until you drive across country, especially through the western states, (Nevada, Utah, Idaho and Wyoming so far) you really have no idea the vastness of the United States. I mean it isn’t bigly, it is HUGELY! Rosie didn’t care.

When Rosie saw the mountains around Jackson Hole for the first time she asked, “What mountains are those Dad?”

I told her they were the Grand Tetons and they are majestic mountains.

She thought for a minute and said slyly, “The Tetons are grand, Dad. Heh, heh-heh, heh. Get it?”

I looked at her in mild offense, but said nothing.

”You are just annoyed because I thought of it and you didn’t.”

Tonight (Saturday the 7th) is being spent in Rexburg, ID. If you are passing this way and need to stop in Rexburg and need to find a place for dinner, DON’T. Keep going anyplace else. Believe me.