The Journey Begins

Day 1

As we drove by the Loomis exit on I-80 Rosie looked longingly at the hilltop where the c05acbb1-758b-4130-8f3b-187278cb566bLucky Dog Kennel is located. Rosie thinks of it as more as a spa than a kennel, what with a daily exercise regimen and the mud baths she takes, although this summer the baths will be more like dry, dusty, very hot saunas.

a589f8ae-f22c-4bc1-a716-d7ce24a9ac47In a moment of weakness we decided to take her with us as we drove from California to Vermont this summer. We like to visit national parks and thought she might like to run outside in the Grand Tetons, but most of all we thought she would like to be with us and not her little furry friends and the kennel, I mean spa.

“Dad?” Rosie said quietly. “Are you sure this is such a good idea? We are going to be cooped up in this little car for two weeks. You might get on my nerves.”

“Don’t get your feathers in a ruffle, Rose. We are driving that far each day and you will love all the National Parks we are going to visit. Lots of trees and animals.”

“Animals, Dad? Like squirrels? I like chasing squirrels,” Rosie said, perking up for a moment, then, “I don’t have feathers to ruffle, Dad. I am a dog. I have hair, not feathers.”

“I know you are a dog, Rose. It’s just a saying, like don’t get your knickers in a twist, but I know you don’t wear knickers. Plus your have fur, not hair.”

“Fur? Really?  My “fur” sheds on your sofa a lot, huh? Allergies acting up from my “fur” are they? I guess that explains why you are so obstinate this morning. Fur. Harumph! I don’t have fur, I have hair.”

I looked over at Fran in the passenger’s seat for help.

“Don’t look at me. You got yourself into this. Get yourself out,” she whispered with a smirk.

“So, we are hoping to drive at least to Elko NV today, a bit further if we aren’t too tired. Tomorrow we should be at Yellowstone National Park to see a huge herd of bison.”

“Bison?” yelled Rosie. “Those are gigantic animals, Dad. They could squish me like a bug!”

“I am sure we won’t be that close to them, Rosie. Don’t get your… Dont worry.”

“Hey Mom. Ever hear of Bison Bill Cody?”

“Did you mean Buffalo Bill Cody, Rose?” she answered.

“Oh! Buffalo Bill? So he was in Africa or Asia then? That’s where buffalo roam. We have bison here in the U. S of A. so he must have been Bison Bill,” Rosie said smugly. We shouldn’t have left those AAA tour books in the back seat with her. This could be a long ride.

Fran looked at me for help, but I just said, “you got yourself into this. Get yourself out.”

Yes. This will be a long ride.