About Dave Oney

Dave Oney was born mid last century in Middlebury, Vermont. He received his BS in Chemistry and worked as a polymer chemist in Massachusetts and New Jersey. He became a microscopist (someone who studies little bitty things using a microscope) and photomicrographer (someone who photographs little bitty things) before settling into a 35-year career in technical sales of scientific imaging equipment (the science of digitally recording itty bitty things, sending the image to a computer for analysis.) He designed and created a number of products contributing to this field. He is (was) proficient in several computer languages and is currently working on mastering English. After making a few more paradigm shift career changes Dave and his wife, Fran, retired and moved closer to their children and granddaughters and now live in the foothills of the Sierra Nevadas.

Showtime In Seattle

Tonight is the last Springsteen show for us (at least for the next 8 months.) QC and I were fortified by coffee, tea and pastries from Fresh Flowers, a wonderful bakery near our hotel. We had chocolate croissants and took a pair of blackberry cheese danish for breakfast on Tuesday.

Not wanting any lunch after our late morning pastries, we met Neil at Pikes Market and after the obligatory fish toss, stopped by the waterside Old Stove brewpub.

Few bars carry many beers beyond IPA’s and I was pleased they had six beers ranging from amber to oatmeal stout, so I ordered a custom flight. All the beers were excellent, however, the last (and darkest) was too strong for me. Quiet Eon Impérial Stout (14% ABV) packs quite a punch, plus it is aged in bourbon barrels for 24 months imparting a flavor that I am not partial to.

After our refreshments we headed back to our hotel for a rest before dinner to be followed by the Springsteen concert. We met Neil and a friend of his, Jay, who would be joining us. We ate at the Jerk Shack, a Jamaican restaurant featuring, of course, jerk spiced food. We had chicken and ribs and I had a bowl of black bean/pork/andouille sausage, all fantastic. After dinner we walked up to the Climate Pledge Center for the concert.

Trapped and Land of Hope and Dreams were tour debuts, otherwise this concert was similar to Portlands. The band is amazingly tight and the musicians really seem to be enjoying themselves. You probably know COVID has been running through the band but both Jack and Susie were back for both nights and the only missing singer of “The E Street Choir” was Curtis King.

Starting the countdown to December!