About dave1y

Dave Oney was born mid last century in Middlebury, Vermont. He received his BS in Chemistry and worked as a polymer chemist in Massachusetts and New Jersey. He became a microscopist (someone who studies little bitty things using a microscope) and photomicrographer (someone who photographs little bitty things) before settling into a 35-year career in technical sales of scientific imaging equipment (the science of digitally recording itty bitty things, sending the image to a computer for analysis.) He designed and created a number of products contributing to this field. He is (was) proficient in several computer languages and is currently working on mastering English. After making a few more paradigm shift career changes Dave and his wife, Fran, retired and moved closer to their children and granddaughters and now live in the foothills of the Sierra Nevadas.

Dinosaurs in the Distance

It would be easy to imagine dinosaurs ranging across the meadows and stalking prey in the forests. What an amazing ride. We helicoptered into the valleys and along the waterfalls, just like in the Jurassic Park movies. Unlike them we didn’t land and never uttered the words, ‘Clever girl.’

We took a helicopter tour of Kaua’i, recreating some of the scenes from Jurassic Park which was in part filmed on the island. We flew into Waimea Canyon, just like in the movie. It was beautiful and a totally different perspective and sense of scale (enormous!) from the driving day trip we took on Thursday.

Here are a few more pictures from the trip.

I edited the 120+ pictures taken down to 60+ which was subsequently culled to these 9 to keep from boring my readers.