Rainy Days and Thursdays

Day 21

“Do we have to leave today, Dad? I really like it here,” whined Rosie for the umpteenth time.

“Yes, Rose. We have to leave this morning. We have a long drive to NYC. Anyway, your buddy Quinn left a few days ago. There is nothing for you to do here now.”

”But with you gone visiting friends all the time, I can just lay on the dock in the sun and be warm. It’s lovely.”

”Rose,” I said. “It’s raining cats and dogs outside. I doubt if the sun will even peek through today. And you know you don’t like the wet.”

“Dad, why do you say cats and dogs. What have I ever done to you for you to insult me like that?”

“You don’t really want to go into that now, do you Rosalita?”

”You know,” said Rosie, quickly changing the subject, “let’s go to New York, right now!”

Put this argument in Dad’s win column!

064B8BB7-9092-463D-84D5-914895ABB52EIt’s always easier to leave the lake on a rainy morning. Who am I kidding, it is NEVER easy to leave the lake. Today is a beautiful, calm, rainy morning, just after dawn. The mirror calm water reflecting the western hills.

Occasionally the north end of the lake fades to gray as a small rain cell passes. A few minutes later, back to calm and beautiful. It’s hard to leave the lake on mornings like this, or on sunny bright days, or miserable thunderstormy days. It’s hard to leave the lake.

05A17409-2AF6-4835-9E2B-BC3A2B635930It’s hard to say goodbye to John and Sue, yet goodbye we did say. While it is difficult to bid farewell to friends and family, a brother, or probably any sibling, who is, and has been, your best friend forever is harder. Until next time.

John gave me a new route to drive south towards Albany. You would think I would have known all the best routes, but it’s never to late to teach an old dog a new trick. (Note my initials are an anagram for dog.)

We drove south and arrived at the Tick Tock Diner in Clifton NY in 4 hrs, 20 minutes, just DBF2DCC2-4B08-402C-930A-1E516C1D7901like the “bitch” said we would. After a nostalgic diner lunch (we used to go to this diner every time we visited one of Fran’s relatives in
2ABF4F22-83DF-4C61-B904-B3DC3D2F3C22the adjacent cemetery,) we stopped by her mothers’ grave just to say hello and set a stone of remembrance on her grave. Many of their family was buried in the same section, but the primary objective of this visit was her mother. It’s interesting and a bit unfair that my family history is traceable so far back 0DC26614-019E-4538-A275-35D66BB2F7C7while Fran’s is Ellis Island with the rest of her history mostly being family lore. Not better, not worse, just different. All of us were immigrants at some point in history.

If everyone had a mother in law like Esther Cohen Schultz a whole genre of jokes would
be lost. Think of the poor comedians, and lost wages! However, I am sure something else would fill the vacuum. If you cannot read it the second to the bottom line on her inscription is “And An Angel” and she was.

We parked in long term parking at Newark Airport for two reasons. First, parking fees

there are a fraction of what they are in NYC and second, when we leave to head west we will already be outside the NYC traffic. I know there will still be some, but we should be going against most of it. A quick train ride (senior fares!) into Penn Station and a “reasonably” short walk to 6th and 44th to our hotel where we can rest until dinner.  A7506BB4-DE4F-4255-B4DF-9C4029674D70

The Algonquin is most famous for hosting “The Round Table,” a daily meeting of New York 004D3D58-C430-4C57-8CE7-D235DC25F426writers including Dorothy Parker. Even JFK dreamed of joining this group. The lobby bar, “The Blue Bar” is where the elite go to see and be seen. I was pleasantly surprised that let me in. One of their signature drinks is The Hamlet, an orange and gin drink. I am not a cocktail person but it was delicious.

Dinner was at John’s Pizza, just a short walk down 44th St. Very good coal fired pizza and garlic rolls. It is located in an abandoned church with a beautiful stained glass ceiling divided into 8 parts, just like a pizza, although our pie was only 6 slices.

We aren’t sure what tomorrow brings. Like much of this journey it is impulse driven. We are going to Kinky Boots tomorrow night and a Yankees game Saturday, and very possibly breakfast with our best friends on Sunday, otherwise the world is our oyster. No wait. I don’t like oysters. How about the world is our bagel! Ess-a-Bagel at 3rd and 51st, 6 am tomorrow. Can’t wait.